Digital travel guides for publishers and bloggers

Sell ​​travel tips digitally through your own travel app

Offer your customers travel reports and travel guides via your own travel app

Publishers, travel guide authors, local experts and travel bloggers now have a way to create digital travel guides and travel reports with Schneider Geo. In the age of digitalisation, digital distribution channels are opening up for you through the Schneider Geo mobile app.

Create geo-information with text and images, which can then be downloaded by your customers via the travel app. For example, travel information in the form of an app can be downloaded as a supplement to a printed travel guide and are always available. Bloggers can post all content directly in the app in parallel or in addition to their blog. This will increase customer loyalty and reach a wider audience, especially those who rely on mobile devices to travel.

Travel Guide App from Schneider Geo


The digital map with navigation will be the perfect complement to your book or blog or perhaps even replace it. You can offer free maps or authorise your readers to download your digital travel guide which can be obtained through the 'in the app payment'. You therefore create an additional, digital distribution channel through your own app. This travel information which is also available offline also contains a real-time navigation. That's why customers today rely on travel guides apps.


How does creating your digital travel guide work?

You maintain your content independently in our portal and we adapt the app to your design and publish it on your behalf. Compared to the individual development of an app, you save enormous costs through the tailor-made and configurable app from Schneider Geo.

Would you like to know what your own app might look like? We will be happy to demonstrate how the Schneider Geo App will look in your design.

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Your Book in iTunes and Google Play


We make your book available as App in Apple iTunes and Google Play. Your revenue through App-Store Payment or In-App Payment will go into your pockets.

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