The digital tour guide

For hotels and leisure regions with local travel and tourist information.

What makes your region special?

You are the expert in your area and can pass on many personal tips as well as inside information to your customers and create a useful network with other suppliers and service providers in your region. With an individual app you can offer your customers a clear service premium and share the passion for your region. Give your customers the right information at their fingertips and which they can access on the move.

Your digital guide can recommend to your guests:

  • Restaurants, cafés, breweries, bars
  • Hiking and cycling routes, hidden natural treasures
  • Sights and places of interest

Our app is like a construction kit that we build in your design. You decide the content of the app yourself, which is configured via our portal. Within days, your own app is available for download in the Google Play Store and Apple Store. You only pay a small monthly rental fee for your app, which is continually updated and can be adjusted at any time. All information is always up to date and useful information such as interesting or special events in your region can be added.

A great service offered by a local guide

  • Do you know insider tips in your region? Is there an interesting event in your area? Inform your guests and give them your personal recommendations along the way.
  • Do you know interesting hiking and mountain bike routes or good places to shop? Your app will forward your recommendations to your guests and even direct them there in real time.
  • Your knowledge is the most reliable knowledge of your region. Show your guests how to navigate and where to find buses, trains, taxis and other useful companies.


Get in touch!

Your own app replaces or supplements the information folder in a hotel room

We are sure the problem of continuously updating and reprinting information folders is all too familiar. Why not offer your customers all the latest information in digital form in your own app? You can update information at any time via our portal. These are directly synchronized in the app across all mobile devices, so that the guest is always kept up to date.

An app indiviually tailored to your hotel

The app design can be completely adapted to the style of your hotel and published under your hotel's name. You determine the content of the app and what information you would like to make available to your guests. Of course, we'll support you throughout the app creation process, and we'll be happy to answer any technical queries.

Great customer service via a guest chat in the app

Upon request, we can integrate a guest chat into your app, so that the customer can always communicate with you via the mobile device in the app and provide feedback. Whether service requests or orders, your guest can communicate directly with you, even if he is just outside the hotel.

Improve your customer service

Create a better connection with your guests and offer a special service advantage. Guest chat can also be used internally for training purposes by your service staff to optimise service levels.

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